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Bill Short



The foundation of energy savings is an audit to determine current state, then provide actionable recommendations.



Renewable projects in the 50 MW and above range incorporating all available technologies.



Close coordination with domestic and international government agencies for optimal project success.



Meeting goals of facility asset value growth through identifying areas where short- and long-term savings can be realized.



Appropriate technologies for the desired result considering budgets, cost recovery options and strategies.



PMP certified project managers combining the finest technology and engineering with a common sense approach.


Energy Specialization



The beginning point for saving energy in an existing facility is to understand the status of the property's energy use. The goal of the audit is to provide actionable recommendations for the facility in a clear and concise manner.

Identified areas in the audit where short- and long-term savings can be realized then can be reviewed with facility principals. The feasible projects are identified to facilitate asset growth and retention.


More efficient use of energy and water, using it only when necessary and not using it any longer than needed, provides direct cost savings by reducing operating expense for the purchase of gas, fossil fuels, electricity, water and sewer.


Operating equipment optimally provides the additional benefits of extended system life and lower short- and long-term maintenance and repair costs.  



Present and Past

  • Perdido Key Area Chamber of Commerce - Committee Chair, Business & Economic Development Committee
  • International Trade Council - Chair, Energy Working Group
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
  • BOMA: Building Owners & Managers Association (Board of Directors)
  • Building Industry Association of Hawaii (Board of Directors)
  • BuildPAC: NAHB National Trustee and Hawaii Treasurer
  • Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce - Sustainable Technologies Committee
  • Hawaii Energy Alliance
  • PMI: Project Management Institute
  • Rebuild Hawaii
  • State of Hawaii Energy Policy Forum


AM-PRES Corporation brings together all of the disciplines in the energy management and savings industry, serving as a consultant and project manager to maximize the results you receive from an energy project.​​

Government standards, regulations, rebates, tax incentives and grants are combined with your short term and long term strategies to optimize value and return on your investment.

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  • Wind Technologies

  • Solar Technologies

  • Water and Wave Technologies

  • Thermal Technologies

  • Recycling Technologies

  • New Trend Technologies

  • Building & System Commissioning



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